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Join Our Team

Are You Interested in Joining Us?

At Williamwood Pipe Band we cater for many stages of learning, please enquire if you are interested in being part of our progress.

Current players we are looking to recruit to join our competitive ranks need to be to a Grade 3 standard, as that is where we are aiming to be for the 2019 season after a good start to the current one. We would require a high level of commitment to 2 practices a week and competitions.

We also have a non competing section who practice together and turn out for many events throughout the year.

Piping-wise, we teach from an early stage through to progressing to the competitive band. If you are looking to take-up the pipes as a beginner, then we would recommend one-to-one lessons where there are a few options available.

If you are looking to join the drumming sections, then please let us know if it is a snare, tenor or bass you are looking to add and what level you are currently so we can advise the learning services you may need to add to the band.

We are delighted that you would consider joining Williamwood, please let us know any questions you may have.

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